In the years that I’ve known Trisha Fissel, she has continued to prove herself faithful to the Lord and to His Church. She has always strived to be found doing the work of the kingdom. Trisha has an unquenchable zeal for the scriptureTest, but most importantly her love and passion for Jesus can only be described as contagious.
~~ Pastor Daniel Burroughs, Only Believe Ministries, Urbana


A woman used by God. Trisha has been a ministry guest at Abounding Grace Ministries’ Women of Wisdom Conference for many years. She is excellent at teaching God’s word and praying for women. There have been testimonies of physical healings and women being set free of spiritual and mental attacks of the enemy. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are operating in her life and she teaches sound doctrine. Trisha is truly a blessing.
~~ Trish Brosher, Abounding Grace Ministries