September 9, 2016

1Corinthians 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful. ~ Faithfulness is a characteristic that should be a part of the Christian nature. Our Heavenly Father is faithful, and so are his sons. When we are faithful, it gives birth to promotion and increase. It will bring us into times of favor, not only with God but also with man.

When a company is looking to promote someone, they aren’t going to promote someone who isn’t reliable and who isn’t a person of their word. They are looking for someone who is there every day, someone who adheres to the policies of the company, and one who does what they are asked without murmuring and complaining. They look for someone whom they can depend on who will get the job done. The same is true with God. Faithfulness is something that we must allow to be developed and established in our lives by the choices we make. When we set out to do something, there will always be challenges that rise up against us to try and buffet us to get us to quit. But each time we stay the course, we are fortifying faithfulness in our life and building character. The same is true for those who are not faithful. Each time they quit or they don’t fulfill a commitment they’ve made, they are fortifying a character of unfaithfulness. I know people that out of the good intentions of their heart make commitments to do thing but when it comes time to do them, they either forget or they have spread themselves too thin they can’t fulfill the promise.

When people think of you, do they count you as faithful? We want to make sure that as we are pursuing The Lord and developing in the things of God, we must also make a conscious effort to allow faithfulness to be one of the things that is developed through our purposed decisions and refusal to quit. If you were a person who was known as a quitter or one that is not faithful or reliable, today is a new day. Today mercy is new and God’s grace is available to you to empower you to be changed into his nature and his image.

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