September 6, 2019

Psalm 25:1 Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. ~ There is something that happens when we willingly lay our life down upon God’s altar. David was a man after God’s own heart. He was a man who had an intimate relationship with God, who walked holy before God and yielded himself to God’s spirit. When David found himself in places of sin, he didn’t run from God but placed himself upon the altar of God as a sacrifice. He lived a life of repentance and a life of intimacy with God. Jesus, the first born of many brethren, our example, not only gave his life as a sacrifice for mankind upon the cross, but he lived as a sacrifice daily. And because he was willing to lay his life down every day, you and I experience and live in the power and life made available through his sacrifice. Because he was willing to lay his life down, death, hell, and the grave could not hold him down.

Let’s be people who willingly lay their lives down on the altar of God and say, not my will but thy will be done. Let’s be people who make themselves available to the Master so that he can remove from us every sin and every weight that separates us from his glory.



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