September 4, 2016

Numbers 14 takes place right after the spies returned from scouting out the promised land that God was getting ready to take them into. When they heard the reports that there were giants in the land, they feared and began to murmur and complain. They began to accuse Moses and The Lord about bringing them into the wilderness to fall by the sword. Because of their doubt and unbelief, because they allowed fear to rule their hearts instead of faith, because they couldn’t see the fulfillment of promise, they didn’t enter into the promise and provision of God for their life. Because they had hardened their heart and refused to believe what God had said, they died in the land without ever coming into God’s promise and his best for their lives.

If we want to enter into God’s best and God’s plan for our lives, we need to be like Joshua and Caleb. They put their trust in The Lord and believed the promise of God. They believed that God was able to do what he promised. They believed that God would provide for every need. They didn’t allow what they saw in the natural or the need they faced keep them from believing and trusting God.

When we get ready to step into the promise or call of God for our lives, there are going to be needs and challenges that rise up but if we will be a people of faith and put our trust in The Lord, He will do what he promised. He will do that which he has spoken. He’s not going to fail us. He is faithful who promised and He is able to bring us into the land that He’s given us through promise. Don’t be afraid of the giants in the land. Your God is able to deliver you!!

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