September 29, 2016

Luke Chptr 4 tells of the temptation of Christ. Every time the devil came to tempt Christ, he appealed to the flesh of Christ. Jesus always responded with the Word of God and chose to identify himself with who God said he was and he chose to walk in the spirit. We know by reading the Word that the flesh and the spirit war against one another. When we experience times of temptation, trials, and tribulations, we must follow Jesus’ example and choose the spirit over the flesh. When we do, there are great victories that are won in the spirit realm bringing us into greater influence and greater authority.

Don’t sellout who you are in the spirit. Don’t abort your identity and who God has created you to be for a temporal satisfaction of the flesh. Identify yourself with who God has created you to be and allow every decision you make, every response that you give come from your spirit man and not out of your flesh. Even when the religious leaders of his day tried to define Christ in the Natural as Joseph’s son, Jesus stood confident in his identity in God. He knew who he was according to the spirit and refused to allow man or the devil limit him to who he was in the flesh. You are greater than what people see.

You have the spirit of God living on the inside of you and you were designed for greatness. Refuse to walk and live as a mere man. Rise up in the spirit of your father and allow him to live through you.

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