September 14, 2018

In Philippians 4, Paul gives us understanding on how the process of the kingdom works in getting answered prayer. He shows us patterns on what we must do to have a victorious prayer life and how to see the manifestations of the promises of God.

  1. Stand fast in the Lord. Before we start, we must make the determination that no matter what resistance comes, we will not be moved. You have to make up your mind that this is what you want.
  2. Rejoice in the Lord regardless of what you are experiencing. This comes from knowing that God is faithful and that he will do what he promises!
  3. Walk in moderation, meaning stay consistent.
  4. Don’t be anxious for anything. Don’t get worked up or stressed by temporal things that change.
  5. Prayer and supplication in thanksgiving. When we pray, it’s not about making a list and treating God like a Jeanie in a bottle that he will give us everything on our list. No, it’s about making our requests known and seeing God bigger than our need. Prayer and supplication is about worshipping him as the faithful one God who provides for his people. It’s a place where we focus on Him and see Him greater than our needs. If your problem is bigger than your God, then you have your eyes focused on the wrong things.
  6. Allow the peace of God to keep your heart and mind. Don’t give the lies and vain imaginations of the enemy place in your mind or thoughts. Allow the God of all peace to keep you. That’s why Jesus was able to sleep in the midst of the storm. He was confident that His father was the faithful one who kept him.
  7. Think on things that are true, not fact. There is a big difference! Truth is what God says about a situation. Fact is what is currently being seen or manifested. Truth overrides and changes fact.
  8. Through the process of time comes the manifestation of the promise. ~ If we will embrace the process and work it, the results will always come out the same, God’s word prevailing. If we struggle in seeing the manifestation of the prayer, then we need to examine ourselves and see what steps we are missing. God never changes and neither does his word!


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