Sept 3, 2015

Numbers 14 tells of the account of God wanting to take Israel into the promise land. Moses sent spies out to view the land so that the people could prepare to go in and inhabit. They were at the thresh-hold getting ready to cross over into what God had promised when a voice of discouragement, a voice of doubt, and a voice of evil communication rose up to discourage their hearts and to keep them from possessing the very thing that God had promised. Israel saw the inhabitants of the land and instead of looking at the promises of God and his faithfulness to give unto them what he promised; it caused them to look at themselves as an inferior, defeated people without the ability to possess. They focused on their ability and who they were in the natural and not the promise or the faithfulness of God. They allowed their slave mentality, who they were in the past to steal their future.

I believe that the church is in a strategic place right now where God wants to bring us into the things that he has promised for our lives. Many of us are getting ready to cross over into our promised land but we must be on guard that we don’t allow a voice of evil communication to rise up and speak into our lives. We must take care not to listen to voices of doubt and unbelief that seeks to cause us to become disheartened so that we pull back and remove our hands from the plow.

All Israel had to do to inherit the land was believe God and walk in his ways. It’s no different for us today. It doesn’t matter how big the giants are or how big the obstacle is that you need to overcome. There is nothing that God can’t do. He’s just looking for someone who will believe him and take him at his word.

So today, take note of what voice you are listening to. Has something discouraged your heart that has caused you to draw back and remove your hand from the plow? If the answer is yes, repent and put your hand back to the plow. Refuse to allow unbelief and the thoughts of an unrenewed mind keep you from possessing your promise land.

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