October 3, 2019

Genesis 21:18-20 Tells of the account of Hagar and Ishmael in the wilderness close to death. All of their provision had run out with no means of getting any water. God spoke concerning Ishmael and the plans that God had for his life. God then opened the eyes of Hagar so that she could see the provision already prepared for Abraham’s seed (Ishmael) before he ever got there.

It’s in the wilderness places and desert places, hidden in obscurity that God does his best work. It was in the wilderness place that God made Ishmael a great nation. Wilderness places represent the process of time where God perfects us, changes us, and makes us into who he has created us to be. In the process of time, God is able to establish character in our lives and birth us into the things that he has prepared for our lives. In the wilderness places, we must face ourselves and the enemy. In the wilderness places, we must determine if we will serve self or serve God. If we will choose to endure the wilderness places, the set time that God has predetermined will come and when we are brought forth to inhabit the places that God has created for us, we will be prepared lacking nothing, empowered to run our race with victory, life, and strength. He never sits idle concerning his people. He is changing, molding, and perfecting us whether we realize it or not. We are his workmanship created unto good works, not to dwell in the wilderness forever but for a time of perfecting. You are being perfected! So let’s endure the wilderness places and the process that goes with it knowing that God is faithful and we are being perfected. God is at work in the obscure places.




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