October 1, 2019

John 15:9 As the father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. ~ This is a command that Christ gave to the church. In this command, there is life, preservation, and safety. To continue means to stay in a position, to keep going, and to abide. As we keep ourselves in the love of the Father and keep his commandments, there is fullness of joy and preservation from sin.

Jesus was a man just like the rest of us. He had desires, passion, feelings, and longings to be accepted, just like the rest of humanity. He was rejected and despised of men but he didn’t allow this to affect him. He remained faithful and walked in dimensions of life and love that God has extended towards man. But it’s up to us to choose to walk in it. Too many times we focus on carnal, natural feelings and things that we completely miss the life, love, and satisfaction that can only be found in the Heavenly Father. The enemy tries to keep our focus on what ‘we don’t have’ that we become blind to what we do have. Man was created to love God and worship him alone. It is only when we are in that place that we truly have fullness of joy.

We haven’t learned to abide in the love of the Father and that is why so many people are lost and trying to fill that void with other things: money, fame, relationships, drugs, etc. but all will end the same way – empty. Without Christ, without the love of the father, there is a void that cannot satisfied. Nothing can replace his love.

So today, don’t allow the enemy to deceive you into thinking you don’t have something or that you are missing something, but today embrace what you do have – the love and acceptance of the Father. He truly is the only one who satisfies.

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