November 4, 2019

As I began reading Matthew 5:3-10 today, I took note of the phrase ‘for they shall’ and did a study on those words. Shall is used to give a command or to say that you will allow something to happen. It is used in laws, regulations, or directives to express what will happen or what is mandatory when a condition is met. It’s used to express what is inevitable.

The Lord began to speak to me concerning our faith and the spiritual laws that govern life. When we are obedient and we meet the requirements of faith, there is a response from heaven that is released on our behalf in the earth. Regardless of what we see at the moment or what is being seen temporarily, when we use faith and meet the requirements of kingdom living, God releases life and a harvest to come towards us. And as we wait patiently in faith, that release is headed our way to bring forth a harvest on our behalf. This is not only true for the way we live but is also true in our prayer life. When we pray and are believing God for something there are also releases made because we have made our request known unto God. Don’t be swayed by time that passes, don’t be moved by things that you see, but be confident that there are releases of life headed your way.

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