November 30, 2019

WARNING…. This is pretty strong but it will empower you to live right and see God manifested in your life! As Christians, we have a different code that we live by. The world lives by what feels good and what seems good to them. They live after their own thoughts and their own ideas of what seems good. But we understand according to God in the book of Isaiah, this is how the wicked and the rebellious live. But we, those called by his name, live not according to the flesh or the lusts of the flesh. We live according to His word and the divine order and structures he has determined.

1Peter3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts… These 7 words are very powerful and should govern how we live. Sanctify means to make holy, to feel or show deep respect to one that is Holy, to honor. We often forget who it is that lives on the inside of us. We need to realize that God is holy, pure, and righteous. We need to recognize that He is always with us. He never leaves us, he never forsakes us. Once he takes an abiding place in our hearts, he stays. He’s not just with us at church or during our prayer time. He is with us every step of the day and in every situation. And once we come to understand that, it should empower us and govern us to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to him, not only within the four walls of the church, but even more importantly, outside of the church. Would you cuss in church? No, so let’s not do it outside of church. Would you sit down and drink a beer in church or in front of your Pastor? No, let us remember that a greater one, a more holy one is with us always.

If we want to see revival, if we want to behold God face to face, then we need to start honoring him in the choices we make every day. We need to put away unholy things and sanctify ourselves. God is looking for a holy people for they are the ones who will see God. Remember, we are living for eternity, not this temporal life. We are the salt of the earth, a city set on a hill. Let us shine bright so that the world sees Christ in us!

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