March 13, 2019

Matthew 14:14 And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick. ~ All throughout scripture, we read where Christ had compassion on the multitudes and he would heal their disease. In Mathew 14 we also read where the loaves and fishes were multiplied to feed thousands; all of this was birthed out of compassion. This reveals the heart of the Father towards mankind. He is compassionate and merciful towards humanity. He sees the brokenness of the human soul, the bondage of addiction, the prisons of sickness and disease, and is moved to set the captive free. He doesn’t judge or condemn man but out of love and compassion, he has mercy upon them and desires to bring them into wholeness and life.

God is looking for a generation of people that he can use to bring forth healing, to bring forth salvation and freedom to a lost and dying world. As we allow our hearts to become like his and we take on his nature and become compassionate towards the multitudes, we can be extensions of his kingdom. We can be vessels of honor that he can use to bring healing and freedom to those who are bound and afflicted. Miracles and healing are not just a result of faith, but are birthed out of a heart of compassion towards the multitudes.

Let’s be a people who take on the heart of the Father. Let’s be people who have a heart of compassion for the lost and let’s be available for Him to use in these last days. Compassion is the heart of the father towards humanity.

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