June 4, 2019

Genesis 37:5 And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it to his brethren: and they hated him yet the more. ~ God spoke to Joseph in a dream and he shared this dream with his brothers. Jealousy caused these men to hate their brother and they sold him into slavery and eventually he was put into prison. After the process of time, Joseph’s dream and God’s plan for Joseph came to pass.

When God gives us a dream a promise, a vision, many times there will be things that rise up against what God has said. But if we will keep our focus on him and guard our hearts from fear, insecurities, doubt, and unbelief, God will bring us into the fullness of what he’s planned for our lives. We protect our hearts by being confident in who God says we are and by judging God as faithful. Man cannot stop God and the devil cannot stop God. The only one who can stop God’s plans from being established and completed in our lives is us. We are the only ones who has the power to stop what God has said through our doubt and unbelief. God used the plans that Joseph’s brothers devised against him to propel Joseph into the fullness of God’s purpose. We don’t have to fear what man does, what the enemy says, or the amount of time that passes. If we will keep our hearts open before The Lord, hold fast to his promise, and judge him as faithful, we will come into his perfect will and plan for our lives. #confidentinhim

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