June 3, 2019

Jesus is our stay!! He is our constant, the one who saves, heals, and delivers. He is our help in the time of trouble and our peace in the midst of the storms. No matter what season we are in, we are his workmanship and can rest assured that he is working in us bringing us into perfection, even when we can’t see his hand moving on our behalf. In the midst of the waters, he is with us. The rivers will not overtake us and the fires will not burn us. We are being perfected and being changed from glory to glory.

We can rejoice today knowing that God has not left us to ourselves but has given us a promise in John 14:19 ….because I live, ye shall live also.

Lift up your eyes today. Your help cometh from The Lord. He is your strength and your joy. He has not forsaken the works of his hands. He is with us, yea even until the ends of the earth.


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