July 11, 2018

Philippians 3:3 For we are the circumcision which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh. ~ When we just look at ‘have no confidence in the flesh’, this verse says a whole lot. It doesn’t just mean that we aren’t to believe that we have the ability to do something well or have the power to succeed in our own ability. This scripture tells us that we are not to allow our flesh to determine what we do or how we act.

The Strong’s Concordance definition of confidence includes to convince by argument, to pacify or conciliate (to make more friendly or compatible), to assent to evidence or authority. To rely by inward certainty, agree, assure, believe, have confidence, make friend, obey, persuade, trust, or yield. When we look at each of these words individually, we discover the full totality of what Paul is saying in this verse. If we ever want to come into the fullness of our identity in Christ, we have to understand that our flesh is not our friend. It will lie to us, it will try to tell us that we can’t do it; it will tell us that it’s not possible. It will try to get us to be lazy and just live in a comfortable place. It will try to keep us bound in our past; it will try to keep us from pressing into the fullness of life that God has provided for us and just stay in a place of existence.

We understand that as Christians, we are to live by grace (the power to live according to the spirit) through faith. There are limitations of the natural man and circumstances that we can break through if we refuse to live as mere men but live as men filled with the Holy Spirit of God. We have the ability to walk on water, calm the storms, raise the dead, heal the sick, cleanse the leper, cast out devils, fast 40 days, outrun chariots, and even be translated to other locations if needed. All of these things were written and recorded for our instruction and learning. These were recorded so that we could have a glimpse and understanding of what’s available and what’s possible through the faith given to us from God through Jesus Christ. But none of these things are done through the power of the natural man. These are all done by pressing into spiritual things and apprehending that which we are apprehended for. But our flesh, our natural man doesn’t want to pay the price for these things. It will tell us that we can’t fast or that we have to have 8 or 10 hours of sleep to function. No, these things are all learned behaviors and old identities of the old man that can be broken off of us if we will use our faith to overcome them.

The gospel is free but to walk in the fullness of it and to see it manifested in your life, it’s going to cost you something. Daily, you have to be willing to die to the voice of the flesh that tries to get you to stay in a place of comfort by lying to you and telling you that you can’t do it. Those are lies that will keep you in a place of existing and out of the place of living. I refuse to allow my flesh to determine what God can do in my life and what he can use me for.


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