January 24, 2019

Psalm 86:11 Teach my thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth: unite my hear to fear thy name. ~ David reveals to us 3 keys in this verse on how to be successful and prosperous in our journey while on the earth. 1. Teach me thy way, O Lord – David asked The Lord to teach him, instruct him, and to direct him in his journey. 2. I will walk in thy truth – David acknowledged God’s way as truth and purposed to behave himself accordingly. He allowed the word of God to govern his life and his desires. He purposed and determined in his heart to bring his body and his actions into agreement with what God said. 3. Unite my heart to fear thy name – David asked God to bring his heart, his mind, and his thoughts into oneness with who God is.

We can apply this to our lives and have the same outcome. God desires to bring his people into life, liberty, and blessing. He doesn’t withhold anything from us. He gave it all just to save us, to rescue us, to bring us into relationship with him. He loves us so much and desires to see us prosper and have success in our journey here on earth. We can do the same as David did and God will answer. He will direct us. He will give us wisdom. All we have to do is ask and then purpose in our heart to obey and hold fast to what God has said. He is our help and our hope. He knows how to deliver us. He knows how to overthrow our enemy. Today, look unto him. Have a hearing ear and purpose in your heart to bring your thoughts, your actions, and your desires in alignment with his. He is faithful who promised and he always causes you to triumph in Christ Jesus. Give a hearing ear today and know that it is God’s good pleasure to bring you into victory in Christ Jesus!


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