January 23, 2019

Psalm 86:7 In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me. ~ I love David’s confidence in The Lord. Out of intimacy and relationship, this confidence was birthed. It was through life experiences and encounters with God that David had discovered God as being faithful. As we read about the life of David, we see that no matter where David found himself, he looked unto The Lord. Whether he was facing the giant or the bear, whether members of his own family came up against him to destroy him, whether David found himself fallen into temptation and sin, David always turned to The Lord. David didn’t base who God was on someone else’s experiences and knowledge. David didn’t base God’s faithfulness on his own performance. David’s love and confidence was birthed out of his knowledge of the Law and his own experiences with The Lord. David discovered the true nature and identity of who God is. David was confident that God’s mercy was new every morning and that his loving kindnesses never fail. David didn’t allow the lies of the devil, circumstance, or insecurities keep him from the love of God but David pressed through those things to encounter God. David wasn’t afraid of being rejected by God, even when he was rejected by men. David didn’t define himself by man’s definition or acceptance of him, but he based it on God’s love for him and who God declared him to be. No matter where you find yourself today, trust in God’s faithfulness and know that his love for you, his thoughts towards you, and his plans for your life have never changed. Rest in confidence knowing that God loves you and will answer you each and every time you call upon his name, because he is a faithful God!

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