January 1, 2020

Mark 7:31-35 Tells of the account where Jesus opened the ears of a deaf man and loosed his tongue to speak. I believe that this man represents much of the church today. We walk around with our ears shut off to the wisdom and word of God and we never open our mouths to decree and declare what the word of God says. Why is it that we understand that confession is made unto salvation yet we never decree and declare what the rest of the Bible says?

Romans 4:17 says that God quickens the dead and calleth things which be not as though they were. Faith is released through the words that we speak. I wonder how many of us are living below the fullness of the blessing of God for our lives because we either don’t know what to decree and declare or we are just too lazy to do it. I am guilty of this very thing. Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in what you see that you begin to speak it instead of speaking what the word of God says about you and your situation.

It is my prayer today that God would open up our ears to hear what he says, that he would quicken us, make us alive so that our tongues would be loosed to speak what he says. I pray that we are awakened and moved to action, even if it is only to speak what God speaks.

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