February 9, 2018

As I was reading Matthew 24 today, it is clear that we are in the times that Jesus declared over 2000 years ago would come upon the face earth. We see and hear of wars, we see famines and pestilences, earthquakes, and race is rising up against race. These are the beginning of sorrows that Jesus said would come. He also told his disciples to not be troubled but that these things must come to pass for the prophetic end to come. In verses 12-13 he warns that during these times the love of many would wax cold but they that endure to the end would be saved. They that have fortitude and keep themselves under the rule and government of the word of God would be saved.

Matthew 5:5 says that the meek shall inherit the earth. It’s those who willingly keep themselves in a place of submission to the word and government of The Lord. It’s those who refuse to allow circumstances, emotions, personal opinion, the world, or anything else override the government and absolute rule of the word of God over their lives. They choose to allow God to direct their every step regardless of how they feel, what they see, or what they think. That is exactly what Jesus did. He only did what he saw the Father do and he only said what he heard the Father say. If we will take on that same mindset and live according to his example, we will be preserved until the end and hear well done though good and faithful servant. There is preservation in meekness. There is life and victory in meekness. When we live a life of meekness, we trust that no matter what is going in around us, God is bigger and greater and that no matter what, when we trust him, in the end all things will work out for our good. It’s because we serve a faithful God who never fails.

So let’s be a people who practice meekness. Let’s purpose in our hearts to trust what the word of God says and allow Holy Spirit and the Word of God to govern us and direct our steps and our speech. Let’s be wise and faithful stewards so that when he appears, we will be like him and not be ashamed. I want to stand before him unashamed and with no regrets!

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