February 4, 2018

1 Peter 3:22 (Jesus Christ) who is gone into heaven and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him. ~Every power, every authority, every angelic host, including powers of darkness have all been made subject unto Christ. They are inferior to his power and majesty. And we as believers in Christ have been given authority to use his name! We are born of his spirt and seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We have been crowned with glory and clothed with garments of salvation and righteousness. Whatsoever we ask in his name, he will do it that the father may be glorified in the earth.

Each one of us has been given the right and the privilege to use his name to bring forth God’s will in the earth. God is not a respecter of persons. If we see God doing something in someone’s life, we can take that as a guarantee that he will do it in ours if we will apply our faith. We are to be followers of Christ, not only following his teaching and believing on his name, but we are to be examples. Whatever works he did, we can do in his name and greater works. Let’s rise up and be bold in our living. Let’s be people who will live confidently following his example knowing that God cannot lie. If he said it, he will do it!!

God let us be extensions of your hand. Let us be vessels that carry your presence and glory in the earth. Let us be a people who live lives that bring glory and fame to your name!

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