February 14, 2020

Joel 2 says that we are the ones who evoke revival and the outpouring of God’s spirit. If we will lift up our voice and cry out for mercy and deliverance, God will hear us and he will respond to us. I think all too often we as people take on the mindset that because God is sovereign, it relieves us of all responsibility. We believe that if God wants to heal people he will heal them and if they aren’t healed, we write it off as not being God’s will for their life. But Jesus paid the price for every person’s healing. We also take this same mindset about salvation. We think that if God wants someone saved, he will save them. Though Jesus paid the price for every person’s salvation, the Bible specifically says that they who call upon the name of The Lord will be saved. If we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth, we shall be saved. This requires a personal response from every individual. The only time the promises of God and benefits of God ‘automatically’ overtakes us is when we are living a life pursuing him. When we are actively pursuing him through relationship, the blessing of God will overtake our lives.

Let’s be a people who cry out for The Lord. Let’s be a people whom God responds to and pours his spirit out upon because of the voice of our cry. Let’s evoke revival by the outcry of our hearts. Let’s be a people who set their affections and desires on him. Let’s actively pursue our God.

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