December 27, 2019

Matthew 14:24-31 is the account of Jesus calling Peter out onto the water. When Peter stepped out of the boat, the wind was contrary and the boat was being tossed by the waves. After he stepped out of the boat, he saw that the wind was boisterous.

Sometimes when we step out in faith, our circumstances seem to deteriorate and things may appear to get worse as it did in this account with Peter. (But notice that Jesus never changed.) But when Peter called out to Jesus, Jesus saved him and asked him, why did you doubt? This indicates to us that Peter’s faith was great enough to overcome the intensity of the waves. But when Peter took his eyes off Jesus and what Jesus said, and began to look at his surroundings, it caused him to fear and abort faith. Peter’s faith didn’t fail, Peter failed his faith. Peter aborted faith because he looked at his circumstance instead of keeping his eyes on Jesus. We have to remember that God never changes. His plans, purposes, and will for our lives never change. They are not based upon what things look like nor do they change from day to day. They were established from the foundations of the earth. He is the anchor of our souls and the only true constant, consistent one. So when he calls us out into the waters, we have to be determined to keep our focus and our eyes on him. We have to submit to his plan, his will, and his authority in our lives and resist the attacks of the enemy. Faith is the absolute greatest substance in the entire universe. It is greater than natural substances and natural laws. It has the power and ability to do anything and overcome everything. If we won’t abort faith, it won’t fail us!

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