December 26, 2019

John 4:49-53 tells of the account of the nobleman asking Jesus to heal his son lest he die. Jesus spoke to him ‘go thy way; thy son liveth’. The man believed the word that Jesus spoke and went his way. On his journey back home the next day, a servant met him and told him that his son liveth. When he enquired of the hour that his son began to mend, it was in the same hour that Jesus said unto him that his son liveth.

This account reveals unto us the process of the kingdom and how faith works. The man believed before he had any evidence that anything had changed. Once he heard the word of Jesus, he believed him and went his way. The child began to mend the same hour. ‘Began’ is a starting point of process. When Jesus spoke, there was a change that took place in the child at that very moment. As the man continued his journey home believing God, something was happening that he was not aware of or able to see.

Be encouraged today that if God spoke something to you, whether or not you see any evidence, be assured that a process began. Be assured that there was a response in the heavenlies and that God is doing something good on your behalf. Refuse to be moved by what you see or don’t see. Stand fast on the word he spoke. He is the faithful one who has promised.

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