December 1, 2019

Over the past few weeks, God has been teaching me and showing me that there is a place of consistency that we can live in. It’s a place where we are unmoved by circumstance, not touched by the fears of the enemy or the plans and schemes of man. It’s a place where we confidently walk in the peace of the Lord and trust that he is trustworthy.

I have always been a passionate person, even before I became a Christian. My passion was often times revealed and released in fits of anger and rage. Controlling my emotions and my mouth have been two of the most challenging things that I’ve had to deal with in this new life that I have. I absolutely hated when I would revert back to that old nature and allow those things place in my life. I would try really hard to discipline myself and keep myself ‘under control’ so that those things would no longer be manifested in my life. And it is good that we work at those things but it is even better and a lot less frustrating when we allow his presence to change us. It’s through encounters with him that we are changed. As we pursue him, he brings us under his care, his watch, and creates for us habitation places where we abide with him and in him (Ps 91). And as we abide in that place, we begin to discover his nature, his trustworthiness (ability to be relied upon to do or provide what is needed or right) and his truth as our buckler and shield. As we gain understanding of those things and of who he is, we begin to be changed.

Acts 4 tells an account where the disciples are being persecuted and threatened for their boldness and healing a man. In vs 13 it states that they took note that they had been with Jesus. It’s the law of association. It’s being with someone so much that you begin to take on their nature and their character. It’s not done through discipline or trying to be like them. It’s just something that happens from spending time with a person. If we want to be more Christ like, it is going to require us to spend more time with him. The more time we spend with him, the more we are changed, the more consistently we walk.

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