April 8, 2019

Philippians 3:14 I press toward the Mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. ~ Paul reveals to us in this chapter that there are times where we walk in the grace, the power, and the strength of The Lord where we see victory and the life of Christ come forth in us and in our situations. But then there are times in our walk where we have to press through some things in order to see the victory and the promise of God for our lives manifested. The word ‘press’ means to pursue. It’s an action of pressing or pushing, (pressure), to act upon through steady pushing, to squeeze out. It’s an exerted force and a decision that we make.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I watched a couple of scenes from war movies where our armies would come to the enemy’s camp to take control but before they got to their targets, there were strongholds and places of fortification by the enemy that our troops had to press through and overcome. It’s the same way in the spirit.

There are many of us believing God for things whether it be healing, salvation, deliverance, restoration, blessing, fulfillment of call and purpose, etc. that are surrounded by strongholds of the enemy. His sole purpose is to keep us from attaining those things. But these are all promises that God says we can have however, many of them we don’t receive without first dealing with the strongholds and fortifications of the enemy.

God has given us the weapons of our warfare to deal with these strongholds. He has given us all things to make us victorious and to overthrow the encampments of the enemy. But we have to be the ones who choose to rise up, to pursue, and to overtake. We are the ones who through faith destroy the works of the enemy. Jesus made the way and the provision for us through the cross so that we could receive all that the father has for us. Now it’s up to us to join with God and go forth into these places to teardown these strongholds. That’s why Paul says he presses through those things and he gives no confidence, no voice to the flesh. Our flesh nature is lazy and it doesn’t want to pay the price to attain these things. That’s when we must make the determination of what’s most valuable to us. What do we want more?? To stay where we’re at without seeing the promises manifested or will we press through and fight to tear down the strongholds of the enemy so that we can have the fullness of what God has promised. God has already granted it and given it. Now we just have to deal with an adversary who seeks to keep it from us. The promise is worth the fight!! Keeping my eyes on the prize!!

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