April 14, 2019

Joshua chapter 3 tells of the account where God was taking the children of Israel out of the wilderness and crossing them over into their promised land. Israel was standing before the Jordan waiting for God to make a way and to direct them to move. During the waiting, God was preparing for them. In verse 10, Joshua said, Hereby ye shall know that the living God is among you, and that he will without fail drive out from before you the Canaanites…. Etc. and he lists 7 nations that were inhabiting the land that God had promised to Israel. Joshua was telling the people that if they would wait on The Lord to lead them, they could be confident that God would destroy their enemy. (When we try to promote ourselves and do things on our own, we abort the plan of God and don’t give him the time to deal with our enemies and the time he needs to perfect us.) When we short cut the process of God, inevitably, we will come up against things that we haven’t been prepared for and face an enemy that is too strong for us. We don’t want to do things prematurely.

I found it interesting that they had to cross the river Jordan to enter into their promise and that the Jordan overflowed its banks at harvest time. ‘Jordan’ means a descender, it means to bring down the enemy, to put down, to subdue. So when we are standing before the Jordan and crossing over, it’s where God is defeating our enemy and driving them out before us. I think sometimes we expect things to be instant and expect the crossing over to take place in a matter of a few minutes but understand that when Israel crossed, there was process that they had to endure. They had to sanctify themselves, they had to prepare themselves, and then they had to wait. When the time of crossing finally came, it took a while for them all to completely cross over.

God is faithful and he will do what he has promised. Hold fast to his word and don’t allow time or the enemy steal the promise. God is crossing us over! Remember, man doesn’t live by bread alone but by every word of God. If God spoke it, he will do it.

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