From the time that Trisha Fissel was five years old, she’s always wanted to do a great work for God. She would attend a little Baptist Church down the road from her family home in Lawton, Oklahoma. But through the things that she experienced as a young child, her life took a drastic change for the worst. By the time Trisha was in the fifth grade, she turned to drugs and alcohol as a means to escape the reality of what her life had become. Throughout her school years and after High School, her life continued a downward spiral to the point that she felt trapped and became a prisoner to the very things she hated. Unable to break free from the power of sin over her life, she felt hopeless and despised who she had become. Until one day when she was 21 years old, she came into an encounter with Jesus that would forever change her life. Out of that encounter, God has birthed in her again the dream that she had as a little girl.pic1-about

Over the past 20 years, Trisha has been a faithful member of Only Believe Ministries Christian Center where she has been raised up under the Teachings and Pastorship of Pastors Peter and Phyllis Doseck. While being raised up under their ministry, Trisha has learned to overcome strongholds and how to break the power of addictions. She has discovered the true identity of the believer and what it means to be a partaker of the divine nature. Trisha has a great passion for the Lord and desires to impart this passion into others.

While serving within Only Believe Ministries Christian Center, Trisha was a member of the Praise and Worship team for 17 years and an active member of the Altar team. She has taught in Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, and in Only Believe Ministries Bible College. Trisha teaches an uncompromised Christ centered message that empowers people to receive the gift of salvation and the freedom given by Jesus Christ through the redemptive work of the cross. God has given her a teaching gift that helps people discover the true nature of God and who they were created to be in Christ.  Trisha ministers at women’s meetings and other churches where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are in operation, God using her to bring healing and deliverance to the bound, the afflicted, the sick and diseased. While ministering to the body of Christ, God will use her in the gifts of the spirit, bringing people into encounters with Him and helping people break free of limitations and old nature identities that have held them prisoner to their past.

Through the victories that Trisha has won and the strongholds that she has broken free from, Trisha has been equipped and prepared to be a relevant voice in the church in the last days. God has given Trisha a mandate to take the gospel to the church to prepare the body of Christ for his return and to see this generation rise up and be the manifestation of the sons of God in the Earth. He is coming back for a glorious, victorious church!

Trisha met her husband Mark at Only Believe Ministries Christian Center while street witnessing. Trisha and Mark have been married for 19 years and have been leaders for Door to Door Evangelism, Home Visitation, and Congregational Care Zone Leaders. Trisha and Mark are passionate about seeing souls saved and people coming into encounters with the risen Christ!